A family business

The history of the company has its roots in the love of the 2 owners, Dario and Grazia Magliano, for greenery and nature.
This is how Vivai Isola Verde was born in 1997: a large garden designed to allow people to admire, choose and buy different varieties of flowers, plants and much more gardening-wise.

Always looking towards the future and towards innovation, we have grown as a small family-run business by gaining and acquiring extensive experience in the field over the years. The support of our daughter Alice, an agro-technical specialist, who entered into the family business, together with a team of experts, allows us today to create and offer projects which are increasingly avant-garde but, above all, practical in their management.

Our goal has always been to create harmony between nature and environment, whether it be private homes, offices/corporates or public spaces.

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Commitment, professionalism and experience ensure that the realization of the gardens, from the choice of the variety to the layout, is performed in balance with the surrounding environment and with the needs of those who live in the garden.

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A wide choice of plants, trees, seeds, bulbs, fruit trees, fertilizers.

In our nursery of about 1 hectare we cultivate different varieties and floral typologies that best adapt to different environmental needs. You will also find a vast assortment of plants, trees, but also seeds, bulbs, fruit trees and fertilizers; in short, everything that can be used to create a customized green oasis. A team of experts is always available to advise and help in choosing the plants to buy and their management.

We look forward to seeing you at our store in Guarene, Fraz. Bassi 1 / a, or at our exhibition point in Santo Stefano Belbo in Corso Piave 130.