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According to our clients’ different needs, we can follow any or all of the steps in the creation of gardens and green areas.

Consultancy and design

The creativity and experience of our landscape architects allow us to develop a project that takes into account the needs and tastes of our customers, respecting the climatic and environmental conditions of the areas.

Garden Realization

Our Gardeners and specialized technicians carry out all our projects by providing a complete service: from the planting of plants and flowers, to the making of meadows; from the construction of irrigation systems to precise fertilization/manuring activities.


We consider each garden as something alive and we know it requires attention. Taking care of it means maintaining its health and vitality by ensuring an always pleasant yield. For this reason, we offer additional services for the maintenance and care of any green space: mowing grass, cutting trees and hedges, pruning, collecting foliage, applying fertilizers and / or herbicides and much more.

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Commitment, professionalism and experience ensure that the realization of the gardens, from the choice of the variety to the layout, is performed in balance with the surrounding environment and with the needs of those who live in the garden.

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Thanks to our green technicians we offer a wide range of services for private, corporate or public gardens.

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Progettazione e realizzazione di giardini

Garden design/realization

Realizzazione tappeti erbosi




Giardini pensili

Hanging gardens

Impianti di irrigazione

Irrigation systems

Servizi di potatura

Pruning services

Riqualifica e manutenzione aree verdi

Renewing demoted green areas

Allestimento eventi

Event setup

Corporate landscape design

Whether it is to improve the environmental impact or to increase the quality of the workplace, nowadays more and more companies are sensitive to the green theme. Corporate landascape design has given added value to the corporate image.

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